Enjoying The Noise

Our lives are filled with fleeting moments, chapters. Sometimes the monotony of everyday life hides the fact that these days are all a part of a chapter that will end. The baby that keeps you up all night, will soon be a a toddler who keeps you running all day. Your toddler will soon start preschool, and you will likely miss his cheeky ways more than you might anticipate. Your babies will quickly grow & this chapter will end, just like yours did before them.

I sat with my nana today, while the kids played in the background. I said to her, “My goodness. I swear there’s never even 15 seconds of quiet before they start again. Always non-stop talking, yelling, and aren’t they just so loud!” She smiled, taking a sip from her cup of coffee. Here I was, feeling overwhelmed by the constant noise that is a young family.

Meanwhile, at 88 years old, our visits are the only time my nana’s house is now filled with voices and laughter. The other days are silent, only interrupted by the dull droning on of the television and the odd phone call (mostly telemarketers). I felt sad for being so ungrateful to be blessed with two beautiful kids who, at times, can be noisy and wild, like any small children are.

Being cheeky wearing her Great Nana’s slippers.

It is so easy to forget to be grateful for each and every chapter in our lives, especially when everything can be so busy and frantic. But remember: one day everything will be just a memory, and even hard times can be nostalgic when we look back.

Some days, when I’m so deep in the world of motherhood and I feel like I can’t possibly hear another story from my four year old, it can be hard to enjoy the moment. Boy, do I try. Sometimes, we need a reminder to help us more clearly see the things we have to be grateful for.

Having three elderly grandparents in their late eighties is a constant reminder for me. Looking at the pictures throughout their home, you can see they were once young and able. Happy pictures of their youthful, smiling faces are a reminder of the fleeting nature of life. They are now old, but still as beautiful as they always were. They are a reminder to me that we all grow old (should we be so lucky), and our houses too will be quiet one day. Quiet, and perhaps, a little lonely.

Playing in Great Nana’s garden.

Do you hear those kids laughing, playing, maybe arguing here and there as you’re reading this? Don’t fret. Soon enough, that sound will end.

(I mean, it’s obvious right?)

If I’m ever old and grey, I hope I’m lucky enough to be blessed with some loud, noisy young grandchildren who can visit me whenever they please, bringing with them their love of life & their happiness, their fun and their outlandish ways.

But for now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the moment that is my own wild, rambunctious family, while it is still so young, free and loud.

Because it’s going to be very quiet around here before I know it.

Jess Hunt is a freelance writer from Australia. Her work has been published by some of the country’s biggest parenting websites, including: Essential Baby, Kidspot, and Mamamia

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