The New Job

Almost six years ago now, I was offered a new job.

The pay was low, and the hours were longer than any other job I’d ever had.

I had this funny feeling though, that taking this job would be the right choice. The only choice. And so, I accepted the role.

As it turned out, this new job of mine was harder than I had ever imagined it would be. But it also turned out to be the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had.

The opportunity to start over, to begin my life again as a new person. This new job would push me to be the person I always wanted to be. This was an important job, and it had been offered to me.

At first, I worried I wouldn’t cope with the workload that this new job would bring. There were days when I struggled with the challenges of this new role. Some days, I still do.

But since I’ve been at this new job, it has provided me countless moments of joy. It has changed my perspective in so many ways; it has helped me to grow as a person. This new job has taught me patience, kindness, and empathy that I never even realised I was missing. Despite the many frustrations that this job might bring, it’s definitely the best one I’ve ever had, and my favourite by far.

This new job of mine, have you guessed what it might be yet?



Jess Hunt is a freelance writer from Australia. Her work has been published by some of the country’s biggest parenting websites, including: Essential Baby, Kidspot, and Mamamia.

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