My children will both be at preschool in just a few short months, and it’s making me a little nostalgic. As I danced around with them today to some of their favourite songs, I found myself almost in tears. Tears I can’t quite explain. I’m realising, more than ever lately, what a fleeting chapter in my life their childhood is, and how it’s all already moving along far too soon. Life has been so busy since my children were born that I’ve hardly stopped to smell the roses, roses that are ever so quickly changing to rose hips. Soon I fear it will be tooRead More →

Motherhood can be tough. Despite your best intentions, sometimes you might get angry. Despite your best intentions, you might feel you don’t dedicate as much time as you would like to your children. Despite your best intentions, your child might not eat all his vegetables. Despite your best intentions, your child might misbehave. Despite your best intentions, you might sometimes feel you fail as a mother. But… With your best intentions, you will remember to choose happiness. With your best intentions, you will spend every minute you can loving your children. With your best intentions, your child will eventually grow to love a healthy diet.Read More →

Now that the weather is finally warming up, the kids can spend more time playing outside. Lather them up with sunscreen, slap on a hat, and head out to the yard… it’s time to get messy! The cold winter months seemed to drag on forever this year, but finally spring has sprung and it’s time to enjoy that beautiful sunshine again. Thank goodness! Where we live, the wintertime is absolutely freezing. The kids rarely get a chance to play outside, the wind here can be just too cold to bear most days. We’ve spent the last few months keeping ourselves busy with indoor activities, butRead More →

Every parent needs just a moment for themselves. A minute or two to think clearly, to relish their own thoughts. So can I stay in the shower just a little longer? Please? It’s taken me all day to get here, so I’d like to make the most of it. You see, it’s the one place I might get a moment of peace and quiet around here. There’s no one in here asking me for a snack, or asking me to wipe their butt. There’s no one arguing with me about their socks, or telling me I’ve put the wrong show on the television. In fact,Read More →

I can remember a time, when I was pregnant with my first child, when I sat at the table raving on to a child-free friend about the kind of mother I was going to be. First of all, I would be having a drug free, natural birth. My child would be exclusively breastfed for the first six months, then we would introduce organic, home-puréed solids to his diet. There would be no TV watching, oh my word no, only educational activities chosen and conducted by me; we would spend every waking minute basking in each others love and company. He would wear trendy, hip clothingRead More →

REASONS MY THREE YEAR OLD HAS HAD A TANTRUM TODAY 1. She wanted her toast cut into tiny triangles, not small triangles. 2. She didn’t want to wear a jumper outside. 3. She got sand in her mouth (because she sneakily ate it after she was told not to). 4. I helped her clean her teeth. 5. I washed her hair. 6. I wouldn’t let her use the sharp scissors. 7. She didn’t want to hold my hand while we crossed the road. 8. She didn’t get to climb across the car to her car seat, she had to get in through her own door.Read More →

We all want our kids to have healthy, shiny, white teeth. We do our best to vigilantly clean them twice a day, and we teach our little people how to brush their own teeth so they can learn to keep their teeth healthy. Most of us don’t allow our children to drink soft drink, unless it’s a super special occasion, then they might be lucky to get a little sip. We don’t feed them lollies or chocolates on the regular, just as a special treat. We do all we can to maintain our children’s dental health. But we might be doing one little thing, withoutRead More →

Our lives are filled with fleeting moments, chapters. Sometimes the monotony of everyday life hides the fact that these days are all a part of a chapter that will end. The baby that keeps you up all night, will soon be a a toddler who keeps you running all day. Your toddler will soon start preschool, and you will likely miss his cheeky ways more than you might anticipate. Your babies will quickly grow & this chapter will end, just like yours did before them. I sat with my nana today, while the kids played in the background. I said to her, “My goodness. IRead More →

I read so many articles that speak about how boring it is to be a mother of small children, how awful it is to be stuck down on the floor with a toddler playing their toys and games. Goodness me, it makes me think. These women are miserable! I am able to relate though, as there was a time I felt that way when my kids were very young. I missed the old me; sometimes I longed for my freedom back, just for a moment. You see, children weren’t always in my future plan for life. But, when they came along, I always said IRead More →

Having a baby is tough stuff. Delivering your baby early is a really scary thing. Trust me. I’ve been there. Hoping with every part of your being that everything is going to be OK… It is a feeling incomparable to anything else. When my water broke seven weeks early, I didn’t know what to expect. Neither did the doctors or nurses. One minute they thought I’d be fine with bed rest for a few weeks, the next they were preparing me for an emergency C – Section. It all happens so fast. Babies born at 33 weeks aren’t your typical birth story. There was noRead More →