Showers are essential – Regardless of the consequences

Every parent needs just a moment for themselves. A minute or two to think clearly, to relish their own thoughts.

So can I stay in the shower just a little longer?


It’s taken me all day to get here, so I’d like to make the most of it.

You see, it’s the one place I might get a moment of peace and quiet around here.

There’s no one in here asking me for a snack, or asking me to wipe their butt.
There’s no one arguing with me about their socks, or telling me I’ve put the wrong show on the television.

In fact, for once, I’m all alone.

The warmth of the water washes over me, and I almost feel like I could stay here forever. The running water drowns out any sound but itself; I am at peace. The heat of the water feels so good on my tired body, and I stand here looking into the water, as still as a statue, as relaxed as a sloth.

Is this heaven? Surely it would be alright to enjoy this moment just a little longer… so I stand with my eyes closed, enjoying the sound of nothing… until the hot water runs out.

I suppose it’s really time to get out now.

I shut off the taps and reality has returned. I hear the sound of people calling for me, there is the mess of an accident near the toilet as well as a butt for me to wipe, there is even a beautiful artwork for me to clean off the wall.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have stayed in the shower quite so long… (All of five minutes…)

But it was worth it.

For that moment to myself.

(Maybe next time it would be best to wait until they’re both asleep.)


Jess Hunt is a freelance writer from Australia. Her work has been published by some of the country’s biggest parenting websites, including: Essential Baby, Kidspot, and Mamamia.

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