Almost six years ago now, I was offered a new job. The pay was low, and the hours were longer than any other job I’d ever had. I had this funny feeling though, that taking this job would be the right choice. The only choice.Read More →

My children will both be at preschool in just a few short months, and it’s making me a little nostalgic. As I danced around with them today to some of their favourite songs, I found myself almost in tears. Tears I can’t quite explain. I’mRead More →

Motherhood can be tough. Despite your best intentions, sometimes you might get angry. Despite your best intentions, you might feel you don’t dedicate as much time as you would like to your children. Despite your best intentions, your child might not eat all his vegetables.Read More →

REASONS MY THREE YEAR OLD HAS HAD A TANTRUM TODAY 1. She wanted her toast cut into tiny triangles, not small triangles. 2. She didn’t want to wear a jumper outside. 3. She got sand in her mouth (because she sneakily ate it after sheRead More →

We all want our kids to have healthy, shiny, white teeth. We do our best to vigilantly clean them twice a day, and we teach our little people how to brush their own teeth so they can learn to keep their teeth healthy. Most ofRead More →

Our lives are filled with fleeting moments, chapters. Sometimes the monotony of everyday life hides the fact that these days are all a part of a chapter that will end. The baby that keeps you up all night, will soon be a a toddler whoRead More →

I read so many articles that speak about how boring it is to be a mother of small children, how awful it is to be stuck down on the floor with a toddler playing their toys and games. Goodness me, it makes me think. TheseRead More →